Elevate your elevator pitch

Learn how to do a perfect pitch starting from the design, delivery and close.

Learn how to design, deliver and close a perfect elevator pitch with an expert coach and an AI platform designed for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs depend on their pitches to get partners, build a team, raise investment, and acquire customers, if they have never done a pitch, they will ruin several opportunities before they reach a domain in the matter and start generating traction for their company.

RolPlay in collaboration with Volition, LATAM Startups and Acceleration + is offering a free workshop for every entrepreneur, business or startup owner, business student and anybody keen in learning to do an Elevator Pitch.


The workshop will consist of three remote sessions in which the participants will learn how to design, deliver, and close an Elevator Pitch.

The sessions will be held by Paul Brassard, a serial entrepreneur with almost 20 years of experience, who loves to teach and is truly passionate about knowledge-sharing and helping fellow entrepreneurs of all ages and stages of growth.

Paul has a knack for breaking things down and looking at them objectively. This allows him to give a valuable perspective, critical feedback, and executable advice. His knowledge of how investors think, and what they're looking for in great companies, pitches, and presentations helps him to provide actionable insights while optimizing time, energy and bandwidth for entrepreneurs.
In addition to the expertise of Paul, the participants will be able to train and practice the delivery of their Elevator Pitch in a tailor-made platform powered by AI called Improve your Pitch. This platform delivers automated feedback according to the key words and phrases set up by the entrepreneur, word per minute, speech duration, facial gesticulation, English pronunciation, and voice energy.