Success stories

The fourth largest oil company in the world

We solved the problem of practical training for station dispatchers by designing a platform that would allow them to train the sale of premium gasoline through differentiators, as well as the offer of products to complement gasoline refueling. As a result of this training, we were able to train dispatchers, shorten the learning curve and reduce turnover.

The third largest pharmaceutical company in the world

We sought to standardize the sales processes and speeches created by the training area through a virtual platform that would allow them to practice the methodology, dialogues and sales skills. Additionally, a profile was generated for direct managers so that they could provide feedback to their medical representatives, thus standardizing the sales process and creating a collaborative coaching environment assisted by objective metrics.

The largest transactional solutions company in France and the second largest in the world

A theoretical and practical training program focused on virtual sales was designed and deployed, training 130 sales representatives with the necessary skills and competencies to sell remotely, thus generating more business opportunities. As a result of the program's success, it was implemented for the company's induction processes.

For one of the largest laboratories in Spain

There was a need to transform the sales training processes into something measurable, effective and continuous, given this, a virtual platform was developed with AI where the Medical Representatives could practice the delivery of their key messages and promotional grid, automatically the platform evaluates the exercises and gives a verdict to the users while delivering a report to the Managers, thus allowing them to audit the training of the Representatives. This development generated value as they were able to standardize their promotional messages, audit the training processes and even certify the sales force.

The world's third-largest pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland

The goal was to standardize the sales process from start to finish, from the physician profiling to the follow-up after the appointment. To this end, a platform was designed and created where the Medical Representatives could practice all the sales phases, resulting in the training, adoption and improvement of the laboratory's sales process.

For a laboratory focused on overweight treatment

The traditional Role Play methodology generated conflict for the commercial and training area since the Sales Representatives questioned the objectivity of the feedback provided by the managers. Consequently, a video call platform integrated with AI was developed to carry out Coaching sessions where it is possible to record the whole session or intervals of the session to compare them with different evaluation criteria, thus radically facilitating the work of the Managers.